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Why Do I Need a Wheel Alignment?

Wheel Alignments in North Olmsted, Ohio

We have already discussed the importance of replacing your tires every so often and getting your tires balanced, but proper wheel alignment is another important component when it comes to your vehicle's tires. If your car has a good alignment, then your car will go straight even if you take your hands off the wheel- which you shouldn't do by the way. 

Wheel Alignment also becomes increasingly important when you have a newer car with lane departure assist and other computerized features. Proper alignment is critical for these technologies because what the car thinks is straight might be veering you to the right.

Another reason why wheel alignment is important is that poor alignment can cause premature and uneven tire wear and decreased fuel economy.

Neglecting alignment problems will cause unsafe handling and expensive repairs.

What Causes Improper Wheel Alignment?

Heavy impact from bumps, potholes, or worn out suspension springs can shift your wheel alignment. 

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If you notice that your wheel alignment might need to be reset, it is time to come in for an appointment at Weber Automotive! If you have any questions or if you want to learn more about our tire program, contact us today. You can also learn more about our services by watching more videos like this in our video library. 

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