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When Should I Replace My Tires?

If you want to be safe on the road, one of the most important things you should do is make sure your tires are in good condition, especially with all of the snow that Northeast Ohio brings us in the wintertime. 

Proper Tire Tread

It is extremely important to have tires with good tread. Without proper tread on your tires, you are putting yourself, your passengers, and others on the road in danger. Neglecting to replace a worn tire could leave you stranded or cause on accident

The tread on your tires helps you maintain contact with the road and helps give you better control of your vehicle in inclement weather conditions.

How to Tell When Your Tires Need to be Replaced

  • If it is hard to control your vehicle when the roads are wet.
  • If you place a penny in between the tread on your tires and you can still see the top of Lincoln's head. 
  • There are visible cracks on the sidewall of the tire.
  • There are bulges and blisters on the tire.
  • The tires are over six years old. Learn how to tell how old your tires are.

Contact Us

If you are still unsure whether you need new tires or not, you can always contact us at Weber Automotive in North Olmsted, Ohio, and we can help you. If you are in need of new tires, you can schedule your appointment with us today, and we can get you the tires you need!

You can also learn more about how to care for your vehicle by watching more videos like this in our video library.

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