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Wheel Alignment

Is your vehicle pulling to the left or right?  Is your steering wheel crooked when driving straight?  How is the wear on your tires?  Does it seem excessively rapid or uneven? Driving on badly maintained roads & hitting potholes or curbs can cause alignment issues. 

Keeping your vehicle’s wheels properly aligned ensures optimal drivability.  This will help your tires to last longer & help you have a smoother drive. It can also help with fuel economy, as your car will require less energy to keep going. This can save you significantly at the gas station! 

Most importantly, a vehicle out of alignment can shorten the life of your tires by thousands of miles and compromise steering and suspension parts. That can be expensive! If you want to keep your tires lasting longer and have better fuel economy, make sure to keep your vehicle properly aligned.

Maintain Your Alignment

There are certain measures you can take to help your vehicle maintain its alignment:

  • Get rid of the junk in your trunk! Too much weight loading down the back end of your vehicle will lower the vehicle height, which will in turn throw off your alignment.
  • Maintain correct tire pressure.
  • Avoid driving on poorly maintained roads whenever possible.

When to Check

We recommend you have your alignment checked every 7,000 to 10,000 miles or so. (A good rule of thumb is every-other oil change) This will help your tire life and your wallet in the long run by avoiding costly suspension repairs.

Unfortunately, there are no warning lights that will indicate that your vehicle may have an alignment problem.


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