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Why Should I Get My Tires Balanced?

Tire balance is extremely important because it controls the contact between the tire and the road, which gives you the traction that you need to have. Without proper traction, it is harder to control your vehicle, which makes driving more dangerous for you and those around you. 

Why is Tire Balancing Important?

Unbalanced tires affect your traction, braking, steering, acceleration, and much more. If your tires are unbalanced, it also causes your suspension to wear out like you are always driving over potholes. You also do not get good fuel economy, and it causes your tires to wear out faster or potentially blow out. 

How to Tell If Your Tires Out of Balance?

  • If your car seems bouncy when you are driving or if your car shakes at high speeds. 
  • Uneven tire wear.
  • Poor fuel economy.

A well-balanced tire will give you a smooth and safe ride. 

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