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Why Testing and Accurate Diagnosis is Important for your Wallet

The most expensive repair you can make is one that's not needed. How do you prevent this? With proper diagnosis! It's impossible to solve any problem in life without first knowing what's causing it, which is not likely surface level. This is especially true in the automotive service industry. 

What is Proper Diagnosis?

Modern vehicles are rolling computers requiring advanced diagnostic tools and a significant amount of training and experience to get to the root of the problem. We understand that no one wants to pay good money for something without great value. So that is why we take the time to educate our clients and help them understand the benefits of this investment. 

While many auto shops will offer "free estimates," they really just bury that cost him the price of the repair. We find that to be misleading. And that is not how we do business. At Weber Automotive, we are always completely transparent. In this way, we help our clients to understand why paying for a correct diagnosis is the best value for their money. 

A common misconception is that pulling a code from a vehicle is enough to diagnose the problem, such as a check engine light being on. But that is just the first step in locating an issue, and more testing is often required. 

It's helpful to compare a stored code in a vehicle to a zip code once we know which city the problem is, and then we need to narrow it down to the neighborhood, the street, and finally the house in which we'll find the issue. 

Without a proper diagnosis, can't we just throw parts at it until we get lucky? Well, would someone say the same thing about an MRI that costs thousands of dollars to diagnose a health problem? Of course! Not getting a correct diagnosis the first time is always worth its weight in gold, and it will save you money in the long run.


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