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Comprehensive Vehicle Inspections

Buying a used car can be scary! We offer a bumper-to-bumper, complete inspection of any vehicle you are thinking of purchasing. We will provide you with a digital inspection report that you can take back to the dealership or seller to use as a negotiation tool.  Most importantly, you will have peace of mind that the vehicle you are purchasing will be mechanically sound. We are linked in with Carfax, and we can take a look at the history of the vehicle and report if it has been in an accident, and if the vehicle has been properly maintained.  Our ASE Certified Master technicians will give you a complete report of the condition of any vehicle you are thinking of purchasing.

Digital Inspections Allow Car Owners to Have Peace of Mind

We live in a digital age and even in the auto industry having digital services is really important. At Weber Automotive, we do something called digital inspections that allow us to share images and notes directly with vehicle owners. We care about teaching our customers about their car. So, what exactly is a digital inspection?

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Confirm Your Car's History

After purchasing a used vehicle, many people find the vehicle they purchased has mechanical problems that the seller never disclosed or was unaware of. Left to fend for themselves, these car buyers may be stuck with hefty repair bills that are especially difficult to pay for just after purchasing a car or truck. The best defense against purchasing a used vehicle, that may have unknown mechanical problems, is to have it thoroughly inspected before agreeing to the purchase.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

At Weber Automotive we offer independent pre-purchase vehicle inspections and call this service a comprehensive vehicle inspection (CVI). A comprehensive vehicle inspection is just as detailed as it sounds and takes one of our certified ASE automotive technicians a minimum of two hours to complete. The inspection process follows a strict checklist of items that must be evaluated, which include all the basics and much more. Don’t think of purchasing a used vehicle without the consultation of our experts!

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