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Are Your Tires Ready for Winter?

Winter tires at Weber Automotive | North Olmsted, Ohio

We all know that cars have tires, but not everyone knows the importance of tire maintenance. Do you know how to maintain your tires or how to recognize when it is time to get new ones, fill them with air, and even which tires are best for your vehicle?

How to Know When Tires Need to be Replaced

Check the Tread

There are a few ways to tell when your tires need replacing. One trick is to take a penny and stick it in the tread of your tires. If you can still see the top of Lincoln's head, this means that the tread is too worn down and unsafe to drive on. 

If you measure the tread with a ruler, you want your tread to be more than 4/32 of an inch. If the tread is worn below 4/32 of an inch, then it is time to replace those tires!

Check the Date

Another way you can tell if it is time to replace your tires is by how old they are. The Department of Transportation recognizes that tires older than six years are ready to be replaced. This is because the rubber compound changes over time, and eventually, they become unsafe to drive on. 

You can tell how old a tire is by the number that is on each tire. The last four digits in that number or the week and year it was manufactured.

Get Winter Tires!

Winter is here early this year, and it is best to be prepared with new winter tires. In Northeast Ohio, the weather can be pretty dangerous when it comes to driving on icy and snowy roads. The best way to protect yourself is with winter tires that are designed to give you the best traction, braking, and steering capabilities in the winter. 

Quick Tire Tips:

  • Front tires wear faster due to turning
  • Rotating your tires helps even out the wear
  • Uneven tire wear can cause steering, suspension, and alignment problems
  • Check your owner's manual to see what the PSI of your tires should be and check them regularly
  • Mismatched tire diameter can affect traction, stability, and anti-lock brake systems

Contact Weber Automotive

If you need new tires, a tire repair, want to get winter tires, or have any questions about your vehicle, contact us at Weber Automotive today!

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