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Vehicle AC Systems- Refrigerants

What is a Refrigerant Used For?

Refrigerant is used in any air conditioning system to allow it to cool your home, car, business, fridge; you name it. 

R-1234 YF

R-1234 YF is a new refrigerant used in mobile units, cars, trucks, and more. This is a completely unique refrigerant that requires special equipment to test, inspect, evaluate, and recharge. This equipment is very expensive, and not many auto shops have the necessary equipment to handle vehicles with this new refrigerant. 

At Weber Automotive, we always invest in the newest and best automotive technology so that we can services our customers with the best technology so they can keep their vehicles in tip-top shape. 

Many newer cars these days are using R-1234 YF in their AC systems, so if you have a new car that needs AC maintenance or repair, Weber is fully equipped to help!

Learn More About AC Systems in Your Vehicle

If you are having AC issues or if you want to learn more about R-1234 YF, contact us at Weber Automotive today! 

You can also learn more about our services by watching more videos like this in our video library. 

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