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Top 5 Auto Habits Mechanics Hate

A vehicle is a huge investment, so you want it to run as long as possible. Today, we are sharing 5 common things that drivers do that can diminish the life of your car!

Top 5 Auto Habits Your Mechanic Wants You to Stop Doing Right Away!

1. Don't Ignore Oil Changes 

If you want your car to last, you should never skip an oil change! If you check oil light comes on, it's already too late. Ideally, you would never want the light to come on because you are already on top of the oil maintenance. 

We recommend checking your owner's manual for the manufacturer's oil change interval. 

2. Don't Shop for the Cheapest Parts

Sometimes, people shop online for the cheapest parts they can find to fix their car. Well, this can lead you to even more problems. You get what you pay for, and when it comes to your car, you definitely don't want to be cutting corners. 

3. Don't Ignore a Change in Operations 

If you hear a rattle, squeak, or noise or the engine doesn't run as smoothly as it used to, don't ignore that. If there is anything that makes you wonder if there's an issue, there probably is, and you should get it checked out right away.

The sooner we catch a problem, the less expensive it will be to fix!

4. Don't Abuse Your Pedals 

When you're driving, you should always pretend that there is an egg under your pedal. If you're trying to make the car last, keep your tires, get the best gas mileage, make the brakes last… Then you need to be gentle on the gas and bakes. 

5. Don't Let the Fuel Get too Low 

This one is super common, especially with today's gas prices. However, it is not good to let your car run on empty! The electric fuel pump is in the tank, and once the fuel level gets too low, it's no longer submerged. This can eventually lead to engine issues. 

We recommend never letting your car get below 1/4th of a tank.

Learn More About Caring for Your Car

If you are interested in learning more about how to care for your car, make sure to tune in every week to our blog for more educational videos like this. You can also check out our video library and contact us today with any questions or to schedule an appointment.

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