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How Do I Know When to Change My Oil?

Oil changes- everyone knows they need them every so often, but not many people know exactly how often. And this is because there is conflicting information depending on which source you go to. 

Oil Change Stickers

Almost no matter where you go to get your oil changed, they give you a sticker that they put in your upper left windshield to remind you of your next oil change. This oil change interval is usually three months or three thousand miles. However, that interval is a little premature. 

Manufacturer Recommended Oil Change Intervals 

Each manufacturer has a different recommended distance or timespan that dictates when you should get an oil change. Similar to the window stickers, this interval is not accurate but in the opposite direction. Manufacturer recommended oil change intervals are usually too long of a time increment. 

So, When Do I Need to Change My Oil?

At Weber Automotive, we suggest checking your manufacturer's recommended oil change intervals and cutting it by 30%, and that is when you should get an oil change. 

This will significantly reduce the probability of engine failure and other expensive repairs. Engines are so advanced these days, so it takes a lot more to fix them then it used to. This makes repairs so much more expensive, so getting oil changes when you need them is essential. 

Learn More About Oil Changes

If you are still confused as to when your vehicle needs an oil change or if you want to schedule an appointment, contact us at Weber Automotive today! You can also learn more about our services by watching more videos like this in our video library. 

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