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Don't Defer Vehicle Maintenance

By Weber Automotive
February 24, 2021 Category: Tips And Tricks, Maintenance

A vehicle is a huge investment, so you want to make sure you're taking care of it.

Independent Auto Shops vs. Dealerships

By Weber Automotive
February 02, 2021 Category: Tips And Tricks

Many car owners think that they need to take their car to the dealership that they bought it from. They sold the car so they must know all about it, right? This is not true. In fact, there are a lot of reasons why you should not take your vehicle to the dealership for repairs.

5 Ways to Get Your Car Ready for Winter

By Weber Automotive
October 28, 2020 Category: Tips And Tricks

Colder weather affects the way our cars run and can cause accidents, breakdowns, and repairs. The good thing is that these issues are preventable with proper maintenance and care.

Two Things to Keep You Safe While Driving

By Weber Automotive
October 22, 2020 Category: Tips And Tricks

Quality windshield wipers and headlights with good maintenance can really improve visibility when driving in the rain and snow.

Sanitizing Touchpoints in Your Car

By Weber Automotive
October 14, 2020 Category: Car Maintenance, Tips And Tricks

Keeping your car clean all year long is an easy way to keep yourself healthy! And, we are not talking about taking it through the car wash; we mean sanitizing the touchpoints in your car that you might not think to clean all that often.

Drive Your Car to Death

By Weber Automotive
September 29, 2020 Category: Tips And Tricks

We want to help save you money by keeping you in your car, with the least amount of repairs and replacements, as possible. Weber Automotive offers services that can help you do that. Learn more about the services we offer here.

Should I Use Premium Gas for My Vehicle?

By Weber Automotive
August 18, 2020 Category: Tips And Tricks

It is important to use the right kind of gasoline that your vehicle requires for optimal mileage, performance, and to avoid any engine damage.

Car Battery Testing in North Olmsted, Ohio

By Weber Automotive
July 17, 2020 Category: Tips And Tricks, Batteries

Did you know that the summer heat can have a huge effect on the electrical components in your vehicle, including your battery? Make sure your battery is ready to withstand the summer heat with Weber Automotive!

How Do I Know When to Change My Oil?

By Weber Automotive
June 11, 2020 Category: Tips And Tricks

Oil changes- everyone knows they need them every so often, but not many people know exactly how often. And this is because there is conflicting information depending on which source you go to.

The Importance of Maintaining Your Vehicles Fuel System

By Weber Automotive
October 30, 2019 Category: Tips And Tricks

Vehicles that run on fuel have many working parts in that fuel system to keep the engine running right. If the fuel system is neglected, you could face expensive repairs or replacements.

Check Engine Light Diagnosis in North Olmsted, Ohio

By Weber Automotive
October 17, 2019 Category: Tips And Tricks

If your check engine light is on, that is the car's computer telling you that there is something wrong. Take your car to Weber Automotive to get the issue solved!

Know When to Use Which Lights on Your Vehicle

By Weber Automotive
September 12, 2019 Category: Tips And Tricks

Keep your lights clean and know how to use them to keep yourself and others safe!

5 Things to Keep in Your Car

By Weber Automotive
September 05, 2019 Category: Tips And Tricks

These are some items you should keep in your car in case of an emergency.

Buying a Used Car? Make Sure You Follow This Check List.

By Weber Automotive
August 01, 2019 Category: Tips And Tricks

If you are buying a used car, make sure you are getting a good deal by following Weber's pre-purchase check list.

Do You Know Enough About Your Tires?

By Weber Automotive
July 11, 2019 Category: Tips And Tricks, Tires

Weber Automotive wants to make sure you know all you need to about how to keep up with your tires to keep you safe and save you money!

How Can I Make My Car Last Longer?

By Weber Automotive
June 27, 2019 Category: Tips And Tricks

Weber Automotive shares tips on how to keep your car running as long and as well as possible.

Five Questions to Ask Your Auto Repair Shop

By Weber Automotive
June 13, 2019 Category: Tips And Tricks

Weber Automotive shares all the questions you should ask of your auto repair shop.

Five Preventable Auto Repairs

By Weber Automotive
June 12, 2019 Category: , Auto Services, Tips And Tricks, Transmission, Engine

Weber Automotive shares tips on the most common and preventable auto repairs.

There is More to Maintaining Your Car Than Just an Oil Change

By Weber Automotive
April 04, 2019 Category: Car Maintenance, Tips And Tricks,

There are many different parts of your vehicle that need to be maintained regularly otherwise, your car will not run as long as it could.

Weber Automotive Takes Action to be an Environmentally Friendly Auto Shop

By Weber Automotive
December 20, 2018 Category: Tips And Tricks, Environmental Impact

Theres a lot of waste in the world today, but Weber Automotive takes steps to reduce its waste and environmental harm and car owners can too! In this video, Jacqui and Bryan discuss recycling oil and fluids, disposing batteries, and other ways Weber reduces their carbon footprint.

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