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Independent Auto Shops vs. Dealerships

When Not to Get Repairs Done at the Dealership?

Many car owners think that they need to take their car to the dealership that they bought it from. They sold the car so they must know all about it, right? This is not true. In fact, there are a lot of reasons why you should not take your vehicle to the dealership for repairs. 

Why Use Independent Auto Shops? 

The only reason you should want to get your auto repairs done at the dealership is when your vehicle is under warranty. Other than that, the repair will often cost you more money at the dealership. 

If you go to an independent shop, we can typically get better parts for your vehicle. This is because the dealerships can only use the parts straight from the OEM, even though sometimes those parts might have some faults. Aftermarket parts that auto shops get are usually more robust than the OEM parts. 

Our Team is the Best!

There is a lot of turnaround with dealership technicians. They are always looking for new people to fill their spots, which means that you can never get to know your technician, and they will never get to know your car! 

At Weber Automotive, our team is dedicated to you and your vehicle. Our customers know and trust all of our employees and can rest assured that we will always do what is best for your situation. 

Likewise, we are highly trained and experienced and really focus on continuous education to best serve you!

Dealerships Have Ulterior Motives 

Unfortunately, many vehicle owners will take their car into the dealership for a repair only to have the technician tell them that it is not worth fixing their car. This is usually not true and a ploy to get customers to buy a new car from them. 

We have had so many customers come to us from a dealership to get a second opinion and we find that the car is worth fixing. 

Learn More About Why You Should Use Independent Automotive Shops 

If your car is in need of repair, or you just want to have an auto repair shop that you can trust, contact us at Weber today to learn more. You can also browse our services on our website and watch more videos like this in our video library. 

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