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Why is Fixing AC So Expensive



Summer’s just around the corner, which means it is almost time to get out your swimsuit out to enjoy that backyard pool. Or maybe you're looking forward to lying on a beautiful white-sand beach in a tropical paradise. 

Whatever your plans, one thing you should be thinking about before the summer heat comes is your car’s air conditioner. 

Unfortunately, the more technologically advanced something gets, the more difficult it becomes to repair. This is particularly true when it comes to automotive air conditioners. These can be costly to fix due to being challenging to get to and expensive to purchase. 

Refrigerant recovery is time-consuming, typically requiring three hours or more to service. All these things make servicing an automotive air conditioner something that is beyond the skill level of the average car owner.  

Years ago, some people tried to find the easy way out. Ever heard of Fix-a-Flat? Well, they used to make a version that you could use to temporarily repair your car's air conditioner to avoid heading to the shop. The problem was that this product ruined the system and prevented the professionals from being able to properly fix it. 

This goes to show that some things are best left to the professionals! If you want to avoid making the mistakes that could result in a whopping repair bill, call Weber Automotive today or check us out at  

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