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Weber Automotive Takes Action to be an Environmentally Friendly Auto Shop

Weber Automotive Takes Action to be an Environmentally Friendly Auto Shop | North Olmsted, OhioWeber Automotive has partnered with Virteom to engage our customers and users about our services and the technology behind the scenes. In our video series, Jacqui and Bryan talk about the latest tech, products, and some of our coolest projects. This video is all about our environmental impact and how we combat negative effects each day. Watch or read the transcription below!

In the auto industry and in the world in general, there is a lot of waste happening and the environment is really important. We believe that we're borrowing the environment in the world we live in from our kids and grandkids. So, we like to minimize our impact on our environment.

Recycling On Site

Recycling Bin On Site | Weber Automotive

One of the things we’ve done in order to minimize our impact on the environment is brought in a recycling dumpster to always be on hand, since it’s not provided near our location. This is important because in each city, you probably have to pay to have an extra dumpster like that on site. It's not provided, we do pay for it but it's worth it to do our part to save the environment. 

Disposing Car Batteries

Car batteries get picked up by the provider that we buy from to be recycled. That's been going on for a long time, but we make sure happens regularly because there’s a lot of lead in there, electrolytes and acid. 

Recycling Rubber from Tires

Tires are usually recycled and they’ve been starting to use the rubber to replace playground mulch. So, kids who fall on the playground don't get hurt. There are actual tire recycling companies that work with you, pick it up, and they recycle.

Recycling Auto Oil and Engine Fluid

Bins to hold engine fluids and oil for recycling | Weber Automotive

We do oil changes and engine fluid changes, so we do accumulate a lot of oil, which typically gets hauled away. So, what we do is we store it all in-house and then we have a recycling furnace that converts that old fuel into heat for the shop to use in the colder months.

It’s extremely clean burning, so you don't see any smoke and you don't smell anything from outside. We store all the fluids in the containers you see above. It gets used throughout the wintertime as heat. This allows us to minimize the other fuels that we burn. 

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Proper Car Care 

Something everybody can do on their own is make sure that your tires are inflated and the alignment is done right. Make sure the car is running the way it’s supposed to. Make sure you don’t have any oil leaks. All these things and more add up to dirtying up the environment. 

It leads to burning more fuel than you have to, if the car doesn't run right, or if the tires are low - All these things have environmental impacts.

Contact Us today or Schedule your Service to ensure your car is running properly and you are keeping your environmental impact at a minimum. 

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