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Understanding CVTs: A Shift Towards Efficient Transmissions



At Weber Automotive, we're dedicated to keeping you informed about your car's complexities, specifically your transmission. Continuously variable transmissions (CVT) are a different, potentially more efficient, type of transmission.

CVTs, as opposed to standard transmissions, don't shift gears. Instead, they maintain the engine in an efficient state. This unique functionality can feel strange for drivers used to traditional gear-shifting. Consequently, many automakers have started programming 'hiccups' to simulate gear shifts, enhancing driver comfort.


Key insights about CVTs:

•    CVTs may offer more efficient engine control

•    Unlike standard transmissions, CVTs don't shift gears

•    Some drivers may find the smooth, shift-less drive of CVTs unfamiliar


Regarding repair and replacement costs, CVTs tend to be on par with standard transmissions. However, it's worth noting that CVTs aren't typically rebuilt due to limited availability of parts. In most cases, if your CVT requires significant repair, the entire unit will be replaced. This "plug-and-play" process, while labor-intensive, can result in a quicker turnaround time.

Despite manufacturers not always recommending fluid service for CVTs, we advise servicing it similar to an oil change at intervals of 60,000 - 80,000 miles. This proactive approach helps enhance the longevity of your CVT.

Whether you're driving a traditional or CVT-equipped car, we're here to support you at Weber Automotive. Visit our website for more insights, or book an appointment today for all your vehicle needs. Remember, your car's health is our priority. Visit us at today!

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