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Transmission Troubles? Your Guide to Repair or Replace



At Weber Automotive, we understand that your car's transmission is the lifeblood of its functionality. But how do you tell when it's time to repair or replace it? This blog aims to shed light on this critical topic and ensure your car keeps moving smoothly and efficiently.

Recognizing a faulty transmission isn't always as simple as your car not moving. Sometimes, symptoms are less apparent. Your car may feel different or the check engine light might come on, all due to problems with the transmission. These can range from issues with the solenoid body or valve body to larger leaks in the fluid circuits due to wear.


Let's look at the major signs your transmission might need attention:

•    The car doesn't move despite being in drive or reverse

•    Your vehicle feels different, and it's not because of the engine

•    The check engine light is on


So, how do you decide between repairing or replacing the transmission? That's where professional diagnosis becomes essential.

A key factor could be the condition of the valve body, a component we replace frequently at Weber Automotive. A worn valve body can often be replaced without removing the transmission, saving you time and money. However, if there's a significant failure or damage, replacing the transmission might be the more cost-effective solution.

To make an informed decision, bring your vehicle to our expert team at Weber Automotive. We'll thoroughly inspect your transmission and provide you with the best possible solution, whether that means repair or replacement.

Still have questions? Stick around our website to explore more educational content or schedule an appointment for a comprehensive transmission diagnosis. Remember, proper maintenance today can save costly repairs tomorrow. Visit us at today - We're here to keep your car moving!

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