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Tire Rotation, Balancing, and Alignments

One of the most important things to take care of on your car is the tires. Ensuring that your tires are properly maintained will help you keep yourself and others safe, as well as protecting your vehicle!

Tire Rotation, Balancing, and Alignment Services in North Olmsted, Ohio 

How Do I Know When to Service My Tires?

When you're driving, if you can feel that your car is pulling to one side, then it is time for an alignment. If you feel the car bouncing as your driving, it's time to get your tires balanced. Anything that feels uncomfortable when you're driving is an obvious sign that it's time to get a checkup. 

If you're not noticing any of these signs, but it has been a while since you've had any maintenance or checkup on your tires, then we recommend coming in for an inspection soon. There are manufacturer recommendations for how often each of these service should be performed, but it all depends on how you drive, where you drive, and the conditions in which you drive. 

We can recommend a maintenance schedule based on your car and how you drive!

Why is Proper Tire Maintenance So Important?

Other than the obvious safety measures, keeping up with your tire maintenance is important to keep your tires lasting longer. Your vehicle is a big investment, and tires are cheap either. If your tires go serviced for too long and you're driving with unbalanced or unaligned tires, you will wear the tires out faster and potentially cause damage to the rest of the vehicle as well. 

Hunter Alignment Technology

At Weber, we have the newest technology in wheel alignment that allows us to provide the quickest alignment services for all cars, from everyday cars to heavy-duty vehicles, and high-end sports cars. 

Learn More About Tire Rotation, Balancing, and Alignments

If you are interested in learning more about the importance of tire rotation, balancing, and alignments, contact us today! And call to schedule your appointment!

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