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Three Signs of a Good Mechanic



Do you know what the three signs of a good auto-mechanic are? (Hint: It’s a little more than a dirt-smeared shirt or a rag sticking out of a back pocket). 

The first is a clean facility. From the indoor bays to the waiting area and the outside lot, a clean shop shows that a business cares and is detail-oriented. 

The second is excellent Google reviews. Reviews tell you a lot about a company you are planning to do business with. Of course, every review won’t be great, which leads to how the company reacts when something goes wrong. 

The third is the warranty. What types of warranties do they give on their products and services? No warranty or a really lousy one may indicate a product or service is not very dependable.  

Weber Automotive is a Napa Gold Certified AutoCare Center, meaning they offer a three-year, 36,000-mile warranty on most repairs. To put this into perspective, most dealers offer one year, 2,000 mile warranties. 

However, things get even better. That is because we've partnered with Castrol to use their products in our oil change services. If you get regular oil changes from us using Castrol products, we’ll register your vehicle for the Castrol Engine Warranty. This will protect your car against oil-related engine damage for up to 500,000 miles! 

We also offer warranties on our cooling system and brake fluid services. 

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Three signs of a good car-mechanic! And no, it is not just grease on the

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