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The Three Complex Car Repairs Best Left to Professionals



In the constantly evolving world of automotive technology, cars are becoming increasingly advanced and, consequently, more complex to repair. Some tasks remain approachable for DIY car enthusiasts, but there are specific repairs that truly require professional expertise.


1.    Reprogramming Modules: Nowadays, almost every component of your car, from window switches to wiper motors, comes equipped with embedded modules – mini computers that control the car's functions. When these need to be replaced, they require reprogramming. This involves specific hardware, software, and a connection to the original manufacturer's resources, which is beyond the scope of most DIY car enthusiasts.

2.    Internal Engine and Transmission Repair: Modern cars demand extremely tight tolerances when it comes to their engines and transmissions. Gone are the days when you could disassemble an engine in your garage. The intricacies of today's internal components make professional service indispensable.

3.    Alignment and ADAS Calibration: Aligning your vehicle's suspension is a precise task requiring specialized equipment, including an electronic recalibration of the steering angle. Additionally, modern vehicles come equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) like automatic braking and lane departure assist. These systems depend on cameras, radar, and LiDAR, which require professional calibration when repairing or replacing parts.


Considering the advanced technologies incorporated into modern vehicles, it is more important than ever to trust experienced professionals for complex repairs. At Weber Automotive, our team of professionals are trained to handle these tasks and more. Check us out at to learn more about car care and auto repair. Trust the best for your vehicle, trust Weber Automotive.

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