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The Importance of Cooling System Maintenance

What is a Cooling System?

The cooling system in your vehicle helps protect your engine from overheating. Specialized liquid coolant flows through the cooling systems to help keep the system at an ideal temperature, that can prevent it from getting too hot but also from getting too cold in the winter. 

This coolant has anti-corrosive properties to protect your engine from being damaged by the liquid. However, the coolant can become acidic over time and become harmful to the cooling system. As the coolant becomes more acidic, it can cause issues such as leaks and blockages.

How Often Do I Need to Change my Coolant?

It used to be that you would have to change the coolant every two years or 24,000 miles, but now as the technology for creating more efficient coolant advances, we recommend changing your coolant every five years or 500,000 miles - though this always depends on the make and manufacturer. 

Overall, it is crucial to have your cooling system maintenance every so often because the components and systems in cars theses day are so complex, and complex really means more expensive to repair or replace. So, if you want to avoid unnecessary expenses, make sure you are taking the proper steps to keep your vehicle running long and strong! 

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