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Loaner Vehicles & Shuttle Service

We maintain a fleet of complimentary loaner vehicles for our clients to use while their car is in our shop.  

Our Loaner Vehicle/Shuttle Services

The only stipulation is that you need to be 25 and have a valid driver's license and insurance.  This service is invaluable to our clients, as most need their vehicles to get back & forth to work, drive their kids around, and live their lives.

This way, they can drop their car with us, grab a loaner, and bring it back when their vehicle is done. 
We also offer shuttle service to our clients that live within a certain radius. We're happy to run people home & then pick them up when their car is done. 

We can also pick up a vehicle, bring it in for repair, then drop it off to the client when it's done.  This is great for our elderly clients who may be uncomfortable coming into our lobby due to Covid, parents with young children who don't want to bundle everyone up into the vehicle to drop off, etc.  

Learn More About These Programs And More! 

To learn more about our shuttle services and loaner vehicle program, visit our website today for more details! 

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