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Get to Know the People at Weber Automotive -

Hey there! This week we are going to learn a little more about some of the team over here at Weber Automotive!

How Long Have You Been in the Automotive Industry?

  • Mary
    • Mary has been in the automotive industry for 5 years and in the service industry for 40 years!
  • James
    • Mary has been in the automotive industry for 16 years.
  • Jason
    • Jason has been in the auto industry since he was a teenager!

How Long Have You Been at Weber Automotive?

  • Mary
    • 5 years
  • James
    • 2 years
  • Jason
    • 3 years

What do You Like Best About Working at Weber?

  • Mary
    • "I like my guys; it's what I always say. I'm the only woman in the company, but I love the family atmosphere that we have and the camaraderie that we have. We're always laughing and joking and having a really good time. I love coming to work every day."
  • James
    • "It's a small, tight-knit group of people that are really customer-focused and family-focused, both inside and outside of work. I like it."
  • Jason
    • "I like not just helping customers and helping people and help keep their cars on the road, but just the general camaraderie we have with each other."

How Does This Job Compare to Others You've Had in the Past?

  • Mary 
    • "Our boss, Bryan Weber, is just fantastic. He treats his employees so well and really fosters a great culture here. Just a family atmosphere." 
  • James
    • "It's fast-paced, but in a different way compared to say, like a corporate work environment."
  • Jason
    • "The camaraderie with each other. But not only that, just the overall sense of taking care of our customers and not just the number, they're just genuine people like family and friends to us."

What is One Customer that Really Stands Out to You?

  • Mary
    • "We had a customer who was traveling cross country, and when they got to Wisconsin, they broke down, and they called us because it turns out a part that we had recently replaced had gone bad." So being that we are a AAA approved auto care center and a NAPA Auto Care Center, we were able to intervene. We got that part replaced for them at absolutely no charge, got the tow taken care of for no charge, so it felt really good to be able to help them out."
  • Jason
    • We had a customer bring his motor home style van in with a vibration issue. He was a new customer who couldn't find an appointment anywhere for months. We were able to get him in and solve his issue, and he was so happy and grateful. It made us feel really great!

What Would You Say to Someone Considering Working at Weber?

  • Mary
    • "I would say definitely come check us out, get to know us, come say hi. We just have a great time. We really take care of our clients or our family, our extended family, and then I highly recommend it. So give us a call."
  • Jason
    • "Do it! I know that's the simple answer, but come in and check us out. You know, hang out for a little bit made us look around, look at the shop. You know, meet everybody here. I think you'll see you like what you find."

Work With Weber

If you are interested in learning more about working with Weber, contact us today! You can also apply here.


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