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Get to Know Bryan Weber of Weber Automotive!

We’re here today with Bryan Weber, the owner and founder of Weber Automotive. Let’s get to know him!

When Did You Start Weber Automotive?


How is Weber Different from Other Auto Shops?

“We have a great, great staff for one thing, and we put people first. That means our customers and our employees.”

What is the Culture Like at Weber?

“A fun work environment where we do fantastic work, deliver great customer service, always put people first and we like to enjoy our day.”

What Can Weber Offer Auto Technicians?

Good customers, clean and well-equipped shop, fun work environment, and great co-workers!

Apprentice at Weber Automotive 

If you are looking to enter the automotive industry, Weber Automotive is a great place to learn the trade. 

  • We have three master techs here on-site to learn from.
  • We use state-of-the-art technology that you can become familiar with.
  • You have access to tools and training while getting paid. 

What Are You Most Proud of with Weber Automotive?

The team and the quality of service we provide! We consider ourselves the best in town, and our customers do too! 

Learn More About Weber Automotive

If you are interested in learning more about working with Weber, contact us today! You can also apply here.


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Get to Know Bryan Weber of Weber Automotive!

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We’re here today with Bryan Weber, the owner and founder of Weber Automotive. Let’s get to know

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