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Five Questions to Ask Your Auto Repair Shop

Five Questions to Ask Your Auto Repair Shop | North Olmsted, Ohio | Weber Automotive

At Weber Automotive, we take pride in our shop and our capability to provide honest and fair auto repairs and advice to our customers and our prospective customers! That is why we want to share the five questions you should ask of your auto repair shop.

It is important to take your vehicle to a reputable and knowledgeable shop because your car is a big investment and you want to make sure that the people working on it are capable and doing right by you. 

Five Things You Should Do Before Taking Your Car to New Auto Repair Shop:

What are your online reviews, and what is your online rating?

This is an important first step when looking into a new auto repair shop because reviews are really the best indicator of what you should expect from that shop. It shows past customer's experiences, good and bad. It shows if the technicians are competent, servicing customers well, and if they have the appropriate tools and equipment.

Take a look at some of our reviews!

How many years have you been in business and how much experience your technicians have?

How many years in business is a really good indication of how much experience they have and how well they've been doing. 

It is important to go to a shop that is established and has experienced technicians. Vehicles are getting smarter every year, which means that the technicians servicing them need to get smarter as well! 

As automotive technology advances, we train our technicians on all of the newest computers, sensors, and more!

Weber's technicians are also certified across the board! 

Do You Work on My Make and Model? Can You do All of My Repairs, or do You Specialize?

If a shop has limited capabilities in what they know how to do and what they are certified to do, then they might not be the best bet for you. A reputable shop should be able to service all types of cars and the whole car. 

So many parts of vehicles are integrated nowadays with technology so if you have a problem in one area it could be caused by another area that certain shops are authorized or knowledgeable in. 

Browse Weber's services and capabilities.

What Warranties do You Provide on Your Repairs?

Every shop has different warranties. Some smaller shops can only offer warranties for their specific shop whereas more established shops such as Weber can offer better warranties. 

One of the benefits that we offer is a three-month, 3000-mile, nationwide warranty! That means that there are about 8,000 shops across the U.S. that will honor this warranty.

What Are Your Hours?

It is critical to know the shops hours because it can be hard to plan an auto repair, especially the more time-consuming ones. What if they aren't open on the weekends and that the only time you can make it in? What if they open late and close early? Do they offer after hours drop off and pick-up?

We offer loaner cars to make planning your repair easier!

All of these questions are necessary to ask of your potential auto repair shop. You want to make sure that you are going to people who know how to service your car and the issue it has.

If you want to ask us at Weber Automotive and of these questions or any more that you might have, contact us today! We would be happy to help you and prove to you that we are the right auto shop choice!

Five Questions to Ask Your Auto Repair Shop | North Olmsted, Ohio | Weber Automotive

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