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Environmentally Friendly Auto Shop in North Olmsted, Ohio

Our natural environment is very important to us at Weber Automotive. We do all that we can in our personal and professional lives to help make a difference and lessen our carbon footprints. Businesses have an opportunity to make a bigger impact than the individual can in their daily lives. This is why we take the steps below to help keep our world clean!

How Does Weber Automotive Help the Environment?

LED Lighting

All of the lights in our shop are LED, which use less electricity, they last longer, and they also help with the electricity bill; an added bonus! 


We recycle everything that we can at our shop. This includes plastics, glass, metal, cardboard, and more. We even reuse old fluids from oil changes and services like that. We take these fluids and use them to power our super clean burning oil furnace. This allows us to consume less natural gas as we heat and power our shop! The furnace produces no smoke or odor, and we don't have to waste those old fluids when we replace them!

Learn More About Weber Automotive 

If you are interested in learning more about how we are doing our part to protect our environment or want to schedule your next automotive service with an eco-conscience shop, contact us today!

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