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Cooling System Maintenance and Repairs

Cooling system maintenance and repair | Weber Automotive | North Olmsted, Ohio

With every combustion engine, there needs to be a cooling system to balance the heat to keep the engine from overheating. Most of the heat from the combustion is used as energy to make your car go, but there will be leftover heat, which is circulated through the cooling system

How Does the Cooling System Work?

  • The cooling system protects your engine from overheating.
  • The water pump circulates coolant through the system.
  • The thermostat controls circulation.
  • Coolant protects components from corrosion.

How to Maintain Your Cooling System

Proper maintenance is required to keep your cooling system running at peak performance. This involves changing the antifreeze in your cooling system. Nowadays, you should change the antifreeze about every five years or every 100,000 miles, but it can differ from vehicle to vehicle, so make sure to check your owner's manual or consult us at Weber Automotive. 

The antifreeze has additives that help keep your cooling system from corroding, but after a while, the pH balance in the antifreeze begins to change and will no longer protect your radiator and engine. This is when it needs to be flushed and replaced.  

Cooling System Warning Signs:

  • Temperature gauge indicates hot.
  • Temperature warning light illuminates

Why Maintain Your Cooling System?

Your cooling system not only keeps your car from overheating, but it is also very expensive to replace. The complexity of these systems is always increasing as automotive technologies advance, which can make replacing or repairing the system much more expensive. 

Contact Us

If you need to make sure that your cooling system is functioning properly or you need to replace your antifreeze, contact us at Weber Automotive today or schedule an appointment online!

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