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Boost Your Car's AC Performance: The Vital Role of Cabin Filters Explained



Cabin filters are critical components in your car that can directly impact the performance of your air conditioning system. Here at Weber Automotive, we believe in keeping our customers informed so they can make the best decisions for their vehicles. A common misconception is that these filters are not essential. However, a clogged cabin filter can overwork and potentially overheat your car's blower motor.


When a cabin filter is clogged:

•    Your blower motor works harder than it needs to

•    This increased workload can result in the motor overheating

•    The cabin filter's role in cooling the motor is compromised

•    The end result is a less efficient air conditioning system and possible damage to the blower motor


Furthermore, a clogged cabin filter can also adversely affect the air quality inside your vehicle. These filters can collect mold and other allergens over time. Replacing a clogged filter can contribute to a cleaner and healthier in-car environment, especially during allergy season.

At Weber Automotive, we recommend having your cabin filter checked regularly to ensure your vehicle's HVAC system is functioning optimally and the air quality inside your car is the best it can be.

Book an appointment with us today for a complete checkup of your vehicle, including the cabin filter. Trust Weber Automotive to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

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