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Jim Nelson, July 2019

By Jim Nelson
July 30, 2019 Category: Classic Car, Reviews

Thank you guys for great service on my GTO. Its always a challenge dealing withold classic cars like mine. Thanks to Jason for finding the parts needed and Jim for putting it back on the road! Its nice to know that Weber Automotive is the place to go!

Jacqui Vocaire, March 2019

By Jacqui Vocaire
March 25, 2019 Category: Reviews

One day, my dashboard started alarming me that my Hood was open. When I brought it to Weber, it had been looked at by another shop with less expertise in the field. Unfortunately, they disconnected a cable and Weber wasnt able to pop the hood open at all due to their mistake. Long story short, they tried to find a workaround for hours to get it open kept me informed the whole way. I was floored when they went above beyond to talk to a body shop that worked on my car after an accident back in July. They were able to find a way to open my hood and get the work covered under warranty. Suffice it to say I was so nervous about this whole ordeal, and Weber made things easy. They replaced my hood latch that included the broken sensor. Beyond that - they are actually continuing communications with the body shop to try get me a reimbursement through insurance. After investigating, they informed me this is probably a delayed result from my accident. What life savers! I am SO grateful to Weber

Sam Ruffing, April 2018

By Sam Ruffing
April 18, 2018 Category: Reviews, Steering And Suspension, Tires And Wheels, Brakes

I just wanted to say I had a great experience when I took my truck to my local Wwber Automotive shop. Pam and Mary were so nice that I felt I had known them a long time. Tony was so easy to talk to too. he kept me informed the whole time while working on my truck. He is awesome and believe me ill be back. THANK YOU EVERYONE

Jerry Yates, November 2017

By Jerry Yates
November 21, 2017 Category: Reviews

Id give them 10 stars if I could. Great price, spotless shop, nice neighborhood. These are the nicest people Ive dealt with in a long time. Clean, professional mechanics who stop and say hello as they come in and out of the office, and Mary behind the counter and answering phones is an absolutely lovely person. Will recommend to anyone.

Wendy Rauch, November 2017

By Wendy Rauch
November 16, 2017 Category: Reviews, Jeep

A very strong thank you to Weber Automotive! I have always had a tough time with my jeep commander. When I dropped it off it was making a weird sound... I was given a call after an overall inspection. It needed a few other things which I knew had to be done with out me stating it. Weber was able to plan with me the items that were of importance and some that could be done later. The professionalism and the price point was right on. After my services were completed I called my old autobody shop and asked for a price quote on an item that I had replaced and he quoted me a price a little higher than Weber. Im extremely greatful for the kindness, expertise, prompt service, use of my AAA discount (lol) and the many more miles I will receive from my finely tuned jeep. From here on out I will only recommend Weber automotive. Thank you again to that wonderful team! - wendy

Daniel Toole, November 2017

By Daniel Toole
November 10, 2017 Category: Reviews, Brake Services

I needed new rear brake, oil change and dirty transmission fluid flushed and filled with new. I cant say enough great things about Bryan, Mary, Tony and the crew! Highly recommend for all your car maintenance needs!

Ryan Delia, October 2017

By Ryan Delia
October 12, 2017 Category: Reviews, Local Guide With Google

The team at Weber was great to work with. I scheduled the initial appointment for my wifes car and she handled it from there. The mechanic called and described the problem and how much it cost to fix. The price was fair and they turned it around quick which was really helpful. I would definitely go back!

Dan C, October 2017

By Dan C
October 08, 2017 Category: Reviews, Motorhome

The engine light in my motorhome went off and I was a bit concerned. I asked Weber Automotive if they would look at it and sure enough they were able to handle all 36 feet of the motorhome, did a multi-point inspection and had me on my way in a few hours. I cant thank them enough for giving me piece of mind and taking care of something that I would have perceived as big, yet they made it feel so simple to me.

Andy Lembach, July 2017

By Andy Lembach
July 24, 2017 Category: Reviews

Ive used a number of repair shops over the years. I never felt like I was ever getting great service. I also never felt like I could trust the repair shop. I never spoke to the same people and never felt like there was any kind of consistency in the level of service and price. That all changed when I met the team at Weber Auto! I know that when I take my vehicles to Weber Auto they will give me the straight scoop. I will get my repair done right the first time and at the right price. I trust Weber Auto and would recommend them to anyone looking for quality repair work.

Andy Zolman, April 2017

By Andy Zolman
April 30, 2017 Category: Reviews

I have been using Weber for about 5 years now. They are in my neighborhood and it was a very convenient location to have my cars serviced. Once I started using them for routine service and developed trust, I started having them do some more complex jobs that I couldnt complete myself. I cant say enough good things about their mechanics, Tony and Pete. These guys are very skilled techs who really know their way around cars. They are both very well educated mechanics who are up on the latest tech in new cars and can also work on older, more rare vehicles. I have seen everything from Mercedes, Audi, BMW to old hot rods and American muscle cars in the shop. They will also work on the normal, mundane stuff that most of us drive on a daily basis. Where these guys really shine is their ability to acutally trouble shoot a problem without throwing parts at it. They are skilled enough to properly diagnose an issue without wasting a lot of your time and money. They are both very honest guys who wont

Michael Duhr, April 2017

By Michael Duhr
April 19, 2017 Category: Reviews

Would recommend this place to anyone. Receptionist is very nice and helpful. Mechanics know their stuff and are very helpful explaining issues. Been bringing our cars here for the past year and wouldnt go anywhere else. They really are honest and fair.

Dianne Rhodes, March 2017

By Dianne Rhodes
March 12, 2017 Category: Reviews

We have been dealing with Weber Automotive for 10 years now. Throughout these years, we have found them to be honest and thorough in their work on our cars. They not only complete the work when they say they will but they will advise of any potential problems that may be developing. There are never any surprises in picking up the cars because they give you a complete estimate before beginning work and will call if they see an additional work that needs to be done. We will continue to refer friends and family to Weber Automotive.

Scott Moorman, February 2017

By Scott Moorman
February 27, 2017 Category: Reviews

I wont take my vehicles anywhere other than here. My father has been going here since they opened and if they can make him happy with their services and professionalism, then they must be doing something right, because my old man is critical of everything; but never heard any issues about Webers. I have been a customer of theirs for almost four years now, and the work is done fast, correct, and with excellent pricing. I am not a car guy, dont know much about cars, but after a 17 year career in the military, I know professionalism and integrity, and the entire Team there has it. I highly recommend Webers without hesitation.

Scott Purgason, February 2017

By Scott Purgason
February 13, 2017 Category: Reviews, Engine Services

Weber did some some engine work on my 01 Impala, replacing the upper and lower intake manifold gaskets, everything was repaired quickly and correctly. The price was reasonable for the work being completed. During the repair the mechanic texted me pictures of other items of concern so I could see what he was talking about and asked me if I would like those fixed as well. I was also traveling while the repair was being done and they let me keep the car on their lot for several days after the repair was completed until I returned home.

Rachel Madden, February 2017

By Rachel Madden
February 03, 2017 Category: Reviews

Recently, my vehicle was serviced by Weber Automotive for the first time. I found the Weber team to be very friendly, efficient, and most importantly, honest. Webers customer service was amazing! Mary helped me secure a rental through a local provider, and I received timely follow-up. Bryan was so helpful in explaining issues and work that needed to be done; all work was completed in a reasonable time frame and at reasonable cost. I plan to have my vehicle serviced at Weber Automotive for all future repairs.

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