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Scheduled & manufacturer's Recommended Maintenance

Vehicles are expensive and for many one of the largest investments they make. Our job at Weber Automotive is not only to provide our customers with safe and reliable transportation, it is also to help them protect the investment they made in their vehicle. In order to accomplish any one or all of those things, it is vital to perform proper scheduled maintenance as well as regular inspections to find issues before they become major problems that could result in an accident, inconvenient breakdown, or a major repair. Our belief has always been that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! 

All vehicle manufacturers provide recommended maintenance schedules for various vehicle use conditions such as normal, severe for cold weather, short trips, or towing. Performing proper maintenance is not only critical to keeping the vehicle operating properly and reliably for as long as possible, it is also required to maintain the manufacturer's warranty on the vehicle. Weber Automotive specializes in this maintenance, and we can assist our customers in keeping track of required maintenance and sending reminders when the vehicle is due. Car dealers will sometimes deceive vehicle owners by telling them that the maintenance and repairs must be made by the dealer in order to be performed correctly and or to maintain the warranty. This is not the case! All work done at Weber Automotive is performed by certified experts and reported to Car Fax so the maintenance is linked to the vehicle history which helps for warranty and resale or trade in. 

Ask the experts at Weber Automotive about maintaining your vehicle and we can remind you when it's time for service so that's one less thing to worry about your busy life. Weber Automotive will never recommend service that is not required and help you to get the most value from your vehicle. We have many vehicles that we take care of that are still running great with over 300,000 miles! Some people may not want to drive a car for that long, but with good maintenance it's realistic and 200,000 miles is not surprising. 

Weber Tips for Preventative Maintenance

  • Check your oil & get it changed regularly. This will also allow your automotive professional to do an inspection to spot any potential problems, both immediately and down the road.
  • Have your timing & serpentine belts replaced when necessary, before they fail. You don’t want to break down due to a damaged belt. That can damage other accessories & make the repair more expensive
  • Check your battery
  • Replace other vehicle fluids replaced when necessary which extends the life of those components.



  • Replace your windshield wipers when they fail to work or get streaky
  • Replace your cabin air filter & engine air filter
  • Get your tires rotated and balanced. This will help your tires to last much longer
  • Have your alignment checked
  • Change your spark plugs. If your spark plugs are worn out or covered in buildup, your engine isn’t working efficiently & can lead to a breakdown

Want to learn more? Check out our Auto Clinic.


We Have You Covered

The ASE Certified Master Mechanics at Weber Automotive are experienced and trained on even the most modern cars on the road today.  We know what to do, and when to do the correct preventative maintenance for your vehicle. We want to help you to save money (and headaches) by keeping your car in tip-top shape!

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