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Fuild Transfusions

The fluids inside your vehicle’s engine and drivetrain components are much like the ones in your body.  They serve to lubricate, clean, and cool. They keep it alive or, at least running smoothly. After a while (and how long that “a while” is will be determined by vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations and the kind of driving being done), your car needs a fluid transfusion.

The vehicle fluids we cover will be the engine oil, automatic transmission fluid, transfer case fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid, and differential fluid. Each is unique in its chemistry as well as major function, and longevity or replacement intervals. None are interchangeable. Our experienced professionals will advise you as to when it is time to provide proper maintenance on these critical fluids to keep your vehicle on the road longer!

Some warning signs that may indicate an issue with your vehicle’s fluids:
  • Dark circles of liquid on the driveway 
  • Fluids abnormally low when checked
  • Warning lights on dashboard 

Brake Fluid Flush

The Brake Fluid transmits hydraulic force, lubricates braking system components, and prevents corrosion.

Performing a brake fluid flush will increase braking system component life and provide even braking.

Our certified technician will inspect and record the brake fluid level, master cylinder and brake lines.  They will evacuate and refill the master cylinder, bleed the braking system, refill the master cylinder to the proper level and then test drive the vehicle

Power Steering Flush

The power steering fluid provides hydraulic power to the steering system.  Power steering fluid becomes contaminated with moisture, rubber and metal particles.

Performing a power steering fluid flush will provide longer power steering component life and a smoother, quieter, more dependable steering operation.

Our expert technician will inspect and record power steering fluid levels and look for visible leaks.  They will evacuate and refill the power steering reservoir, perform flushing process, and adjust fluid to the proper levels.


Differential Service

The differential transmits power from the vehicles’ driveshaft to the front or rear axles and must be properly lubricated.

Performing a differential fluid service will increase rear differential component life and maintain proper lubrication.

Our certified technician will visually inspect differential fluid level and look for signs of leakage.  They will perform differential fluid service, adjust differential fluid to proper level, and then test drive.

Transmission Fluid Exchange

Transmission fluid transmits power, lubricates, prevents corrosion and removes heat.

Performing a transmission fluid exchange will remove and replace virtually 100% of your transmission fluid.  This provides a longer transmission life and smoother operation. Some vehicles today have “lifetime” fluid. The fluid is good for the life of the transmission. The truth is that the life can be greatly extended by changing the fluid.

Our ASE certified technician will test drive the vehicle, check transmission fluid level, inspect the transmission fluid pan for leaks.  After recording the required transmission fluid type and quantity, they’ll perform the transmission fluid exchange process and adjust transmission fluid to the proper level before test driving the vehicle.

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