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Electrical diagnosis

Some vehicle problems seem to have a life of their own. Functions can turn on and off at random, your car’s engine won’t start, and even transmission shifting issues can come and go. Electrical problems can plague virtually any system in your car.

Weber Automotive’s technicians are experts in auto electrical repair. We will isolate the problem accurately and efficiently and repair it so it doesn’t cause trouble anymore.


Our ASE-Certified technicians have undergone specialized training to properly and permanently repair electrical problems. Whether you have a bad connection at your radio, a broken wire for your air conditioning compressor, or an ABS sensor needs to be replaced, we perform all kinds of auto electrical repairs swiftly, accurately, and affordably.

Inspection and repair of:
  • Engine electrical systems
  • Interior electrical components
  • Sensor-related issues
  • Computer module problems
  • Starting and charging systems
  • Wiring harnesses and connectors
  • Sensors and computer modules
  • Switches and terminals
We Isolate The Problem

Auto electrical repair is delicate and elusive, though it’s no match for the skilled technicians at Weber Automotive. Once we’ve identified the issue in your vehicle, we communicate that information to you in a way you can easily understand. If we can show you the failure, we will. Our goal is to provide the least intrusive repair method for your vehicle at the lowest cost. If only a terminal needs to be replaced for your rear defrost or a small section of a wiring harness can be repaired instead of replacing the whole harness, that’s what we will do.

You Decide

No matter the auto electrical repair your car needs, we will give you the information straight. It is our job to tell you of the important issues, though we won’t put pressure on you to have repairs performed that you aren’t comfortable with or don’t want.

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