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Today’s vehicles are more sophisticated than ever! Proper diagnosis of your vehicle is key. Some repair facilities that intentionally oversell or are uncapable to accurately diagnose will recommend a much more costly repair than necessary. We will never “shotgun” a repair and install parts that you don’t need just to make sure we’ve covered all the possibilities or make more money. We have the latest, top-notch diagnostic equipment available. In addition, our technicians are always learning, training, and networking, and Weber Automotive is always investing in new technology.

Check Engine Light

A check-engine light can be scary! That little indicator on your dash can mean a myriad of different issues. Taking your vehicle to the local auto parts store to pull the code will only give you the fault code which is an avenue down which to go to begin the process of diagnosing the problem. Further steps are often required to pinpoint the source of the problem. Our ASE Certified technicians will report their findings to you along with a digital inspection and their recommendations for repairs. We will never complete a repair before getting your approval first. 

During the diagnostic phase of your repair, you can wait in our comfortable reception area, or we will be happy to give you a ride to home or work.  In addition, we have complimentary loaner vehicles available for your use.


What It Means

When the check engine light illuminates on a vehicle's dashboard, it can indicate several things.
Most commonly, the check engine light will go on if...

  • There are spark plugs or wires that are worn out
  • The gas cap is loose or missing
  • The electronic control module fails
  • There is a defective distributor or coil packs
  • Emissions issues are present
  • There is an issue with the fuel quality used.

Blue exhaust smoke coupled with the presence of the check engine light almost always indicates a fuel system fault which was caused by an engine oil leak.  

Keep it In Check

When the check engine light goes on in your vehicle, our ASE Certified Master technicians are able to retrieve the trouble codes from within the onboard electric control module, follow with pinpoint testing to accurately diagnose the issue for repair.  For that reason, the quicker you have your vehicle serviced after the check engine light comes on the better!

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