What’s That Noise

Determining a noise in a vehicle can often be a difficult task, especially for those who do not have a vehicle lift and the knowledge associated with being an ASE certified technician. Although diagnosing a noise does require special equipment and training, vehicle owners can often help technicians identify the potential problem by describing the noise that they hear. Weber Automotive is a certified Napa AutoCare Center, with nationwide warranty coverage, and provides a questionnaire that customers may complete when their vehicle is serviced.

The “Tell Us Where it Hurts” questionnaire may be printed from our website and completed by any vehicle owner seeking service on a noise related problem. To print this questionnaire, which is located at the link below, Adobe Acrobat is required. Please bring in this completed questionnaire when your vehicle is being dropped off.

To download and/or print the Tell Us Where it Hurts brochure, please click on the pamphlet icon below.