Privacy Policy

This privacy policy describes how Weber Automotive collects and uses information obtained through the website. Other forms of communication, where personal information may be transmitted, such as by telephone, fax, E-mail, etc., are governed by their own policies. Information about other policies, such as warranty information on repair services, is available for viewing in person at our service garage located at 23779 Lorain Rd. in North Olmsted, Ohio.

Aggregated Logs

As with any website, we collect general data usage information from our website to analyze traffic patterns. This data is contained in the form of log files, which reside on our web server. Such log file information may include a user’s IP addresses, the device they used to access our website, what web pages they viewed and much more. None of this information contains any personally identifiable information and is used by us to improve the features our website offers, to develop new content and to analyze the overall performance of our website.


Cookies are a term given to a small string of information which is accepted by web browsers as a simple and brief text file. Cookies enable us to customize content and aid in processing online contact forms. Cookies do not contain any personally identifiable information and can be deleted easily by most web browsers.


Beacons, which are often a small and transparent image, also are utilized by many third parties such as Google and other trusted brands. Beacons, along with cookies, are often used to determine when a user loads an E-mail or web page. Though the website does not utilize beacons directly, in an effort to better inform our valued visitors we feel such disclosure of third party beacon usage is warranted.

Information Gathering

Since the website does feature a contact form and online vehicle service scheduling, we do collect personally identifiable information so that we can accurately process requests for scheduled service, to perform follow-ups, etc. Once this information is collected from our website, it may enter our internal scheduling system which is governed by a separate privacy statement. At no time do we sell, lease or otherwise distribute personally identifiable information except as needed to comply with the conditions as disclosed in this privacy policy.

Protecting Personal Information

Weber Automotive does make every effort to safeguard the personal information of each customer. Such information is only accessible by the owners, managers and designated employees of Weber Automotive. Additionally, restricted third party access to personal information is required under contractual agreements that allow us to better manage our growing customer base and to service their vehicles in the most efficient manner possible. These third party providers have agreed to not disclose any client information and to protect our valued customers by maintaining acceptable network security standards. Such third party privacy policies may be viewed by visiting the following web pages:

Acceptable Disclosure

In the event of a court order, or as is required by a law enforcement action, we will release only such personal information as deemed necessary.

Privacy Policy Updates

We reserve the right to update this privacy policy without notice. Updates to this privacy policy may be publicly viewed on this page located at:

Privacy Policy


Your use of the website is your acceptance of this agreement in its entirety, and you acknowledge that future updates to this privacy policy may be posted without notice to individual users.

Last Updated: 12/16/2014